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Step 1: Purpose

1.1 Quick Scan

Before knowing where to begin with your marketing research, you need to have proper insight in your marketing problem. Through a quick scan you will acquire an expansive view of your market and organization  It is quite important to orientate yourself in this broad perspective. The broader the perspective, the easier it is to find these elusive hidden symptoms.

1.2 Problem Scan

The problem scan is essential to conduct targeted research to market and organization. There where you have widely oriented yourself during the quick scan to create a neutral overview of market and organization, it is within the problem scan to zoom in on the symptoms and in doing so identifying the marketing problem.

Step 2: Market

2.1 Industry Analysis

The environment outside your organization is referred to as the external environment. This external environment has a division which is also called the meso and macro environment. How does this work exactly? The figure below shows which marketing environments there are.

2.2 Customer Analysis

You can choose different ways to define your market. An important distinction is the market definition from the supply or demand side.

2.3 Distribution Analysis

The distribution analysis is often neglected in marketing circles. Too bad, because there’s a lot to gain as a marketer. Just look at organizations like Spotify, Dell or Three organizations who changed their strong market position through the marketing power of distribution. In three steps we are going to look at your distribution; supply chain, distribution channels and marketing function of distribution.

2.4 Competitive Analysis

Competition analysis is mentioned in the same breath with the five forces model of Porter. How exactly? We are going to identify five competitive forces in your market. Ultimately, the competitive analysis gives an overview of the competitive forces at play in your market. This competition forces you to identify your market opportunities and threats.

2.5 Stakeholder Analysis

Examples of stakeholders; media, shareholders, the general public or the government. But also employees, customers and suppliers influence or are influenced by your company and it’s strategy. In this method, we adhere to the following definition: Stakeholders influence or are influenced by your marketing strategy. This can be done directly or indirectly.

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